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Computer Repair Serving Lake Junaluska, NC

Computer Repair for Laptops, Desktop, Tablets | Lake JunaluskaIs your computer running slow? Do you have unwanted pop up windows driving you crazy? Are you wondering if your computer is worth fixing or upgrading?

Computer Repair Services:

We can repair your computer / laptop or figure out if your computer is upgradable. While most computer repair shops charge you a bench fee ($50+) to diagnose your PC problems, we do not. We routinely remove infections (virus and spyware) and install protection software.

Other common repairs include an operating system reload ~ we wipe your hard drive clean and re-install your licensed version of Windows. We can also upgrade your operating system to a newer version of Windows, bringing new life into your computer / laptop.

Other computer repairs we offer are data recovery, laptop screen repair, replacing or upgrading hard drives, installing new keyboards, memory upgrades and many others. Give us call to see if we can help.

There are also times we can help you solve your computer problems by using remote support ~ you just sit back and watch!

Most of our repairs are same day ~ you bring it in the morning and you are using it later that day.

We have been repairing computers since the 1980’s ~ we have plenty of experience in solving computer problems.


Remote Tech Support

Computer support…simplified!

You call us and we connect with your PC online and offer solutions.

In certain cases we can connect to your computer and fix or make adjustments remotely without the need for you to bring your computer to us.

High speed Internet is required.

Computer Repair
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